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13 January 2005

Vectors and Emergence

Going back to the rhetoric, why does emergence exist? Or, how can you design a system that produces a desirable emergence?

Please don't be fooled by the tiny length of the above question. If you can design a decentralized adaptive system that produces the emergence you seek, you can create any type of team you want, any type of economy you want and possibly rule the stock markets.

I have at the moment no clue why emergence exists. But there should be some basic structural rules.

Does emergence exist in the interaction of two vectors? (Math vectors, not the data-struc vectors).

The resultant of two forces acting on an object depends on the magnitude of the force and the angle between the forces.
What does that tell me? What is the deal with the angle? Why does the angle affect the outcome?
Well, the angle determines whether the energy is being used in one direction or is cancelling the opposite source.

So in emergence, there is a concept of cancellation, which, du'h, is nothing new.


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