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-Through my eyes-

10 January 2005

Brain states

So apparently I have two 'brain states'.
In one state my mind just starts spilling ideas and thoughts uncontrolled. It can happen in an ideation state at work or while driving or reading a book or something. I think at this stage it's best for me to not to analyze what my mind is producing...to just let it come out and figure out a way to capture it. My wife usually helps in this regard. Like driving somewhere I had an idea which I was thinking out loud. She recorded it in my cell phone memo.

The other state is when I'm 'dividing and conquering' or analyzing. I don't remember a lot about this stage. But here I can get 'very analytical', as my boss puts it. Definitely need to capture ideas there too..

I need another state: the learning state. Unlike most people, I learn facts the slowest. And unlike most people I learn to use concepts fastest.

Ideas drive the world. There are plenty of 'do-ers' but not enough 'thinkers'.


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