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09 January 2005

The Ideal Blogging Software

What does an ideal blogging software entail for me?
As always, it depends on the intended use, or, the underlying framework.

I don't blog for publicity. Only a handful of you are reading this. My blog is a braindump of the ideas that I had in my mind at the time. Naturally, I need a blog that can categorize my ideas under one section and allow me to export them so that I may write a book.

Second, the blog needs to be cheap. I want to pay $$$/yr, perhaps just one time.

Third, the blog needs to hold audio/video as well.

Fourth, the blog should be neat looking.

Fifth, I should be able to blog by sending an email, also identifying the category to which the post should belong.

Sixth, let friends comment.

Seventh, people like myself use a blog to build ideas. Like I'm writing about systems theory as I'm understanding it. Naturally, my blog at the bottom would contain the basics and the one's on the top, the advanced concepts. Hence I should be able to view a blog in the reverse order.

We can make blogging more interesting. How about adding abstraction at the user-level? The user can view the blog entries as blocks with connecting lines and move around the line to get the most desirable relationship. Ok, this thought is fairly new and I have no clue what I'm talking about.

Seventh, let friends have their own blog on my server.

Exploring this issue further.


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