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12 January 2005

Linux vs. MS

Many people misunderstand the Linux vs. Microsoft competition. First, Linux vs.Microsoft and Microsoft vs.Linux is not the same.

Second, MS is competing against linux but linux is not competing with MS. You see, MS is a coherent, structured, topdown, centralized legal entity. But linux is a fluid, dynamic and decentralized system. MS is a for-profit entity but linux is not written with that perspective.

Sure MS is competiting with linux, but, by and large, it is also competing with the notion of free software. Sure, MS is competing with every linux provider. Sure, Suse is competing against MS. (Suse is a linux provider but it is not linux itself). But Suse competing with MS does not imply linux vs. MS. It is important to realize this.

MS is aggressive about market share. Linux is not aggressive about market share. Different linux distros are aggressive about market share. But even if all the linux distros disappear, linux will live.

Because of the way linux and open source community just exists, they will never disappear. Opensource will remain a thorn on MS's side for years to come.


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