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-Through my eyes-

08 January 2005


Isn't it truly remarkable how information has become such an important token/currency in our lives??
Even back in the day, when mankind was livin' in caves, information was important. Like, there's a lion sitting in the bushes so it's best to run away. Conversely, information lilke this is also important to animals. Animals, ants use various means to capture information. Sound, smell, and for us humans electric signals etc.
We did multiple marketing projects recently and the result of the entire thing could fit on one paper/spreadsheet! We spent time and resources to acquire information that fits on one paper! We could have written that information on the paper ourselves too. But why wouldn't we care about that information?
Becuase it would not have been validated.
So it seems like that information acquried must be validated. Formal religion goes out the window.


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