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18 November 2005

A Game With No Purpose

The idea is about a game. It has no purpose. You just get a bunch of pulleys as your units and create a giant contraption. The contraption runs once tugged and moves the pulleys around. And you create this vast, infinite array of pulleys and ropes and boards and what nots and it keeps on moving till the computer can't compute no more.

The easier versions would have no energy loss between the units and may not even have gravity. The harder one's would have both. But in the hard one, eventually you'd lose energy in the contraption. So you'd need more energy somewhere. You get more points (where did points come from?) if the energy renewal source is far and between.

Some can use penguins and bubbly cartoons for units. While others may use old, rustic, shipyard pulleys. The system could also deteriorate.

The game is free with no end in sight.


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