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15 November 2005

Job Posting at Netflix for VP, Customer Insights & Strategic Analysis


Strategic, Visionary Leadership
Has the confidence, expertise, and insights to shape strategy and drive key business decisions.

Strong Analytical Mind
Runs circles around people analytically. Agile with large amounts of data (qualitative and quantitative)--determining what’s important and distilling it into actionable insights.

Demonstrated ability to think creatively and innovatively—connecting the dots, where others cannot, to create sustainable business-building ideas.

Will to Win
An entrepreneurial spirit who is aggressive about competing externally

Has big capacity to both think and "do". Flourishes in a hands-on role, adding value at many different levels. Has both the experience as well as the desire to work at all levels of the organization from assistant manager to the CEO. Can juggle the details and the big picture.

Succinct Communicator
Is a great, straight-forward communicator. Can organize, clarify and communicate complex ideas quickly, succinctly and accurately. Has a quick intelligence, is “fast on the feet,” and quickly adapts and responds to inquiries and questions.

Great Team Builder
Has the track-record, self-confidence and charisma to retain and recruit excellent talent. Sets high standards, with all team players consistently providing business-building insights.

Independent thinker that looks to build consensus but does not need consensus to pursue goals. Has a point of view and engages in healthy dialogue.

Moves at a nice clip and enjoys having dozens of projects going at one time. Can change course, be “scrappy”, and field research on incredibly short timeframes. Is intellectually quick and in his/her element with little to no foundation or framework.

Maturity and Perspective
Is a mature, fully-formed adult. Is motivated by what is best for Netflix. Has a happy, full and well-balanced life outside the office and wants the same for team.


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