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23 August 2005

PDF Making CMS Contd. Part 2.

Here's an alternative to the same idea.

A webmaster wants allow a user to download the entire site as a PDF file. (So the user can print and read the material at leisure). The webmaster has a hyperlink labelled "Save site as PDF". The user clicks.

A distant ASP webserver hosts a spider. Upon user click event, the spider indexes the entire website of the webmaster and in realtime generates a PDF of the site. The webmaster of the site decides which pages to include in the PDF.

Something to think about: Whose CPU cycles are consumed in generating the PDF? Client CPU usage requires installing a clientside software. No No. It would have to be the ASP webserver in this model. If the webmaster buys the software, it's the CPU of the website's server. So a PHP script could do this. And besides generating a PDF, it can simply create an easily printable version.

I have no idea on the demand of such a product other than the fact that some people like to print sites and read on paper; they just don't like reading on screen.


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