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-Through my eyes-

15 August 2005

Analyis Terms

Some terms useful when discussing analysis. The goal is to see reality the way it is, as humanly as possible. Here I introduce some terms to facilitate thinking about analysis itself.

Layer-Aware-Analysis: Reality exists in different layers. You want to be aware of the layers when doing you analysis, being able to hop up and down as needed. E.g., you can analyze a series of events of foreign countries by assuming the values and motivations of the country or individual leaders.

Performing analysis at the bottom-most layer is hence-forth to be called "Atomic Analysis". A country's action would be a sum or emergent bevahior of individual person.

Performing analysis at the top-most layer is "Farmed Analysis". Or you can view a country as a single unit and develop analysis from that level.

Analysis where you have to hop between layers is now to be called 'Vectored Analysis". Can't think of an example at the moment but it's worth keeping in mind.

Every analysis occurs at a layer or hops between layers. Worth being aware of the process at least.


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