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-Through my eyes-

27 January 2005

Programming in schools

I'm susrprised to realize that computer programming is not part of normal, regular school curriculum anywhere. Math is taught as part of regular curriculum. So are other useful thinking skills, but why not computer programming?

There could be multiple reasons:

1- Stereotype that programming is geeky and techie and should thus be left for the geeky.
2- The old-fashioned curriculum developers do not know the value of knowing the art of programming.
3- Programming is a hard activity to learn. But can be learned like Algebra.

I don't work in programming anymore but I use the algorithmic design principles and way of thinking all the time. Programming, even if you are not a good programmer, teaches to think, to solve a problem proactively and to keep an eye on the big picture. It teaches one to manage resources and design processes that can be used in other fields. I use these principles at work. What I do, would have been far more inefficient if I didn't have a background in computer programming.


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