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20 September 2006

Netflix Job Requirements - nice.

Good write up.

• Judgment. Your judgment calls turn out well (people, technical, business, and creative judgment calls). Your insights are influential and important.
• Productivity. You are very effective in getting work done. What you accomplish amazes people.
• Creativity. You are inventive. You re-conceptualize issues to come up with innovative but practical solutions to hard problems.
• Intelligence. You think broadly and strategically. You make subtle connections others miss. You absorb large amounts of information rapidly. You learn fast. You can change directions rapidly when appropriate.
• Honesty. You are known for your candor. You avoid partial truth and tinted truth. You are non-political and straightforward when you disagree with others. You only say things about people you will say to their face.
• Communication. You are effective communicating both in meetings and 1 to 1.
• Selflessness. You are perceived to be guided by what you think is best for the company, rather than best for yourself. You are ego-less when it comes to finding the best ideas and interacting with others.
• Reliability. Colleagues perceive they can depend upon you. You are not prone to flakiness, anger, or impulsiveness.
• Passion. You care deeply about the company’s success and your colleagues know it. Your thirst for excellence is infectious and inspiring. "


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