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-Through my eyes-

02 May 2006


I think I'm going through a transformation. Last such transformation occurred somewhere in 2002. Since recently I have been a logical, a-emotional (not unemotional), deterministic, rigid, set-in-the-ways individual looking at reality like it's a robust computational machine powered by a set of interwoven algorithms. This set of schemas was set by Conway's Game of Life (I think).

I viewed reality under the same perspective.

Now, while the inner crust is still spinning around impeccable logic, reason and rational, on the outer level I have become more fluid, more adaptive, deeply penetrative and more understanding of human behavior. The desire to dig in deeper to quench some unknown thirst has blossomed. This set of schemas originated out of a Malcolm Gladwell session.

I'm learning to view large scale phenomena such as marketing more as "chaos theory" and less as "algorithmic".

I have always fancied the idea of being an artist-like creative and a logician-like analytical person at the same time.

I think the transformation has begun. I cannot and must not lose my current, internal core.


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