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02 February 2006

Google Doo

So. How long is the list of all the problems that Google is facing today? Problems that are not "search-related"? (Pun intended).

Let's see:

1- China censorship and its backlash.
2- Defying DOJ order.
3- 05 Q4 stock performance.
4- IRS's tax rates.
5- Lawsuit from publishers on Google Book.
6- Telecom industry blackmail.
7- Lawsuit on fradulent PPCs.
8- Potential lawsuit on news.google.com.
9- Privacy advocates on Gmail data.
10- Governments worrying about satellite images on Google Earth.
11- Lack of reception of Google video.
12- Adsense fraudulent clicks.
13- Unrealistically high expections of Google from investors and Wall Street on it's performance.
14- Black Hats SEOs gaming search results.

So Google has a LOT of problems to solve besides the "search problem"!

Slashdot Google Share Loss Amounts to Billions


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