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-Through my eyes-

12 July 2005


I predict using my current framework:

Karl Rove will end up resigning from his new appointment. He will take his previous job or work as efficiently as now, in some think tank. Fox News mis-quotes the president by claiming he said the responsible party in the Plame case will not work in the White House. President had originally said that the responsible person will be punished.

The media is after Rove.

Ergo, Rove will leave the white house. Which makes me think that the reason for his "promotion" in the first place was to have him come down. If Rove were a civilian, how else would you punish him? More options would be available. Some undesirable. By framing the issue as 'if guilty, no whitehouse', harsher punishments are being avoided. He committed a federal offense.

Ofcourse, the whole Rove spiel could also be a red herring. And ofcourse, it could be a piece of meat thrown at the Democrats to soothe them out.


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